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Phytin (Phytic acid)

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Introduction to Phytin

Isolation of Phytic acid

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Phytin 40 tablets x 250 mg

A tonic and general stimulant, Natural product with Present, Past and Future!

In healthy adults Phytin produced very good effect in the cases of serious physical and mental fatigue and intensive sports when it is given as a tonic drug.

An energy supplement for improved intensity and stability of attention Phytin sun flower Increased work capacity Phytin sun flower Elimination of fatigue Phytin sun flower Relieves physical and mental overloading Phytin sun flower Enhances human body endurance during intensive exercise Phytin sun flower

Phytin isolated from plants belongs to the group of organic phosphates and is a mixture of calcium-magnesium salt of inositol hexaphosphoric acid, also known as phytic acid. The name Phytin was first used by S. Posternak in the beginning of this century (1902) for the phosphorous-containing compounds obtained from various plant seeds, suggesting them to be intermediary products of chlorophyll synthesis. This suggestion was rebuked later, but the name Phytin remained as a designation of those products isolated from the seeds of cereal grains (wheat, corn, etc.), and leguminous (lentils, beans, peas) and oil (sunflower, rape, soy, sesame) plants. Phytic acid contents were found to be higher in the outer coverings of seeds than in the whole seeds (Mukhamedova, H.S. et al., 1977).

In plant organs, phytic acid has the function of phosphate depot. Under the action of phytase, which belongs to the group of phosphatases occurring in the gastro-intestinal tract and in plants, phytic acid is broken down to myo-inositol as the absorbable form. Studies on the action of Phytin focus on the above-mentioned biologically active form of phytic acid.

Like the other phosphorous-containing preparations, Phytin stimulates hemopoiesis, potentiates bone growth and development, and improves the functions of the nervous system.

Literature data show that interest towards the isolation and assay of Phytin, phytic acid, and its utilizable forms has continued for nearly a century. More recent publications on the mechanism of action and the new areas of application support the need for Phytin production and its use as active ingredient in novel one-component and multi-component dosage forms.

Phytin is a nutrient supplement, which contains a calcium-magnesium salt of phytic acid. As a natural component of animal tissues and organs, this salt is of great value for the human body, being also isolated in some plant products where it serves as a phosphate depot. Decades of studies have highlighted the role of phytic acid for the increased oxygen transportation capacity of the human erythrocytic hemoglobin. Evidence exists that Phytin improves and regulates cell metabolism, especially in phosphorus deficiency-related conditions in humans. It stimulates the hemopoietic system and bone tissue production, and improves the tone of the nervous system.

Phytin is a name that loosely describes a group of molecules known as organic phosphates. Since energy is restored when ADP is converted to ATP, taking Phytin® would make a lot of these phosphate groups available to reactions that are known to provide the energy for muscle contraction.

Phytin helps your body to absorb all of what you take in, further it makes them work better. So you'll see greater muscle gains from all your supplements.

As a nutrient supplement, Phytin is a very good preventive agent in conditions of physical and mental overloading and it enhances human body endurance during intensive exercise. Phytin may be included in the comprehensive therapy and prevention of various diseases of the nervous system, such as: neurasthenia, neurosis and impotence. Combined with calcium supplements, it is appropriate for diseases of the skeletal system, such as rachitis, osteomalacia and bone fractures. Phytin may be administered to anemic children and adults in combination with iron-containing supplements. It is used successfully in insomnia, lack of appetite and during convalescence, as independent treatment or co-administered with various drugs.

Sopharma AD manufactures Phytin in the form of tablets of 250 mg. Phytin and its finished dosage form can be used for their therapeutic and prophylactic effects, and as food supplement to various diets depending on the condition of the organism.

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