Phytin® (Phytic acid) Dosage and Usage

Phytin (Phytic acid)

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Introduction to Phytin

Isolation of Phytic acid

Pharmacology of Phytin

Dosage and usage

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Phytin 40 tablets x 250 mg

In healthy adults Phytin produced very good effect in the cases of serious physical and mental fatigue and intensive sports when it is given as a tonic drug.

What is Phytin?

Phytin is isolated from plants belongs to the group of organic phosphates. It is a mixture of calcium-magnesium salts of inositehexaphosphoric acid, known as phytic acid. Phytin as salts is found in plants (predominantly in seeds) and in animal tissues and organs. In the human body phytic acid exercises the function of phosphate depot. It is destroyed under the influence of phytase enzyme to myo-inosite, which is resorbed.

What is Phytin's action?

Phytin is product with generally strengthening and tonic effect on the body. It promotes metabolism regulation, enhances attention intensity and stability, extends working capacity, eliminates feeling of fatigue and increases the body's resistance. Phytin® stimulates hemopoiesis (production of red blood cells by bone marrow) and increases hemoglobin oxygen transport capacity. Phytin® participates in the metabolism of minerals in the body and improves bone tissue formation.

During the recent years was proven the anti-carcinogenic effect of phytic acid and its salts, attributed to their antioxidant activity. The antioxidant activity of phytic acid provides a basis for assuming its protective effect in patients with ischemic heart disease. As a natural antioxidant from vegetable origin, phytic acid inhibits lipid peroxidation and concomitant injuries of the intestinal and liver cells.

When can Phytin be used?

Phytin can be used independently, as well as in combination with other drugs in the cases of insomnia, appetite disorders; during the recovery period following serious diseases; in children with diathesis; vascular hypotension; myocardial ischemia. Phytin is indicated in the complex therapy of the following diseases:

Nervous system diseases such as: neurosis, neurasthenia, functional sexual disorders.

Diseases of the bones in combination with calcium drugs: rachitis, osteomalacia, bone fractures;

Diseases of hemopoiesis: in the treatment of anemia in combination with iron-rich products.

In healthy adults Phytin® produced very good effect in the case of serious physical and mental fatigue and intensive sports when it is given as a prophylactic drug.

When should Phytin not be administered?

The administration of Phytin® is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation period and in children up to 2 years old.

Precautions and instructions for usage

Disturbances in the calcium metabolism can be observed after prolonged administration of high doses of Phytin®. The intake of calcium-rich foods (milk and dairy products) is recommended during treatment.

Phytin is a product with an extremely low toxicity in humans and special contraindications for its usage are not established. No adverse reactions were reported with the indicated dosage.


Phytin should be administered half an hour before meal for several weeks as follows:

Adults: 6 - 8 tablets daily divided in 3 - 4 intakes

Children: from 2 to 6 years of age - 1 - 2 tablets daily;

Children over 6 years: 2 - 4 tablets daily.

Increased consumption of calcium-containing products (milk and dairy products) and preparations is recommended for children with concomitant Phytin® administration.

Plasma calcium levels should be monitored during continued administration of high doses for possible formation of insoluble chelate complexes.

Dosage form and package

Tablets of 250 mg in blister sheets of 10. Retail unit of 40 tablets.

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